A day of many parts – a wobble that I was to be at home on my own for new year, a friend calling just at that moment, a gorgeous uplifting walk in the woods with friends (found 2020’s lost glasses) which ended in icy rain. Came home, got cosy and finished off the cards for my street by the fire to The Sound of Music. Mopped the floor while watching Point Break at about 11pm….(seemed fittingly odd for this year) and then the undercover delivering of cards saying “You’re a winner, not a sinner. (drawing of childlike flowers) Keep kicking ass in 2021″at 11.30pm…the street to myself sipping a bottle of baileys, kalua and milk and seeing some fireworks from a back garden. When I got home I heard fireworks going off so stood at my front door shouting HAPPY NEW YEEEEAR” with people shouting back and then saw the full (ish) moon so howled like a coyote at it for several minutes to the resounding “You go girl” from somewhere in the neighbourhood. Came in, danced for about 10 minutes to some live stream of minimal techno and house. Opened a present from a friend which was a tool box. Got my random array of tools out of the cupboard and put them in their new home. Then got into bed to watch Grease….fell asleep about 2.45am. It was a good and very different new years eve from all the rest….which was exceptional fitting for 2020.

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