who i am

IMG_9841I think there should be a little said about my life behind the camera. This started when I saw a photograph of me today digging the soil under a big Missouri sky. So I’ll tell you who I am, where I am and how I ended up here on the little patch we live on, this little garden of eden surrounded 360 degrees by fields and fields and states and states of corn fields….

I’m not from America, I’m an immigrant here. I’m a legal alien. I was born in England, an  hour west of from London. My mother is from Denmark, my father, from Scotland. They met in England and stayed. I studied in Scotland. Traveled for 2 years to Bali, Lombok, New Zealand and Australia, After I lived back in Edinburgh, Scotland for 2 and a half years temping for various companies and working for a commercials production company. I then moved to London for 1 year 9 months living near Brixton and working in TV production. Then I moved to Bristol, England  for a couple of years working on the Antiques Roadshow before moving onto making wildlife documentaries. When I didn’t get to travel with work I decided to pack it all in and go and find some weather. I moved to the French Alps . I went to do one ski season and stayed for 6 and a half years cooking and nannying, skiing and snowboarding and partying like I was a rock star. In the end it was time to come down from the mountain and I moved to Copenhagen, Denmark in the footsteps of my young mother for a few years where I ran the kitchen at an art museum and rivaled the danish pastry with my organic cup cakes. It was while I was living there that I met a man on the internet who would change my life forever. Our first date was for 3 months. On a farm in the north west of Missouri.  And when they say expect the unexpected. Well….that’s what’s happened!

I am now living here, at the very end of a long winding gravel road, living off the land with this man who is a woodsman, a carpenter, a man who can grow food, fix things, build things, is an artist and kite flier. We travel to art fairs all across the country to sell his, my now husband’s art. The year is very seasonal. Each season has its own jobs, each day is up to us. We have a huge vegetable garden, bees and their honey, we grow mushrooms in logs in the forest, have the beginnings of an orchard, grow berries, shoot rabbits, deer and turkey for meat, raise chickens, ducks and guineas for eggs and meat. The food we buy is good cheese, unroasted coffee beans and a decent bottle of red wine from time to time. This photography blog has become part of my daily life. And I love it.