The inspiration behind this

Having lived and traveled in several countries I am lucky enough to have friends all round the world…as life moves on, so have I and so have my friends and their lives. Sometimes I feel far away from people I want to remain in contact with. This photographic blog was an idea I had while traveling in Central America with my good friend from New Zealand. I wanted to see how our lives paralleled or differed and connect in a pure, simple yet hopefully insightful way each day with a photograph from each of our lives.

In order to be in touch with more of my friends I decided to collaborate with each friend for a set amount of time, keeping me as the constant and the friend as the ‘guest appearance’.

We don’t see each others photographs before they’re chosen. This is one of my favourite elements of the project, seeing the difference or more often than not, the connection.

Click to go the photographs….

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