FOUR:245: MONDAY 27 JULY 2020

  • In honour of Lord Russell Place, Edinburgh 1992 when the young @brooksthinks and I lived together and were fans of the Dada Installation Sensory Involvement Domestic Art Movement. (D. I. S. I. D. A. M.) It was an electric kettle back then but I have recreated using this camping kettle which gave an extra special sensory involvement as the marmite burned slightly……28 years later I’ve decided to continue the movement….

  • brooksthinks Boom, the anarchic spirit lives on. In its first incarnation, we put the marmite round the back so people wouldn’t see the cause but would smell the smell. Confusion all round.
  • and we put salt and pepper on too I think
  • don’t touch yourself after handling bell peppers..Lesson Learnt circa 1999 Brixton/Tulse Hill

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