3 thoughts on “SIX.51: MONDAY 17 JANUARY 2022

  1. Thinking of you here in the winter tundra of NE MO USA.
    We would love to hear from you at the Hannibal Arts Council!


    • awww how lovely to hear from you. I didn’t know you looked at my photos. I have an exhibition next week with my photographs from here (the pairs when I’m collaborating) which is exciting as it’ll be the first time I’ve printed them out and exhibited them) Also handing in the next module of my Masters so am busy writing / editing just now. How is everything at HAC?


      • Love your photos! If only more people could see from your perspective. . .
        HAC has done A LOT of take-and-make projects for the kiddos during the pandemic.
        We give them everything they need and instructions with photos to help them with each project. It has been well received, thankfully. We’ve kept them creating without spreading more virus.
        Your collaboration photos will be an amazing exhibit. Enjoy!


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